John Donohue
     phone: 303.358.6438
     current address:
     8864 Armadillo Trail
     Evergreen, CO 80439
     (Have left Colorado, in transit to California)

An artist and humanitarian, productive, intelligent and forever curious. I am along in life and in the "giving back" stage. I take each person with a clean slate, assuming goodness until otherwise aware. Also, I can cook!

Please visit my author page.

I write about strivers on all levels and in all walks of life, those proud of their struggles and achievements, unafraid to risk, who collide with each other on the field of battle, and love.
     To all,
     I am a long-time Southern California resident now returning from a three-year sojourn on the "other" coast and in the Rocky Mountains, seeking a vibrant home. I am a writer needing a fine, quiet studio, with friends and family nearby. I have published three books, and the next, The White Sky, will be in print by September 1.

     My ideal situation:
Within 1 mile of the ocean from Long Beach to San Clemente
Within 30-min drive of South Coast Plaza (son's neighborhood)
Stand-alone carriage house, bungalow, or guest quarters
Privacy, yes: but also embedded in an artistic, eclectic small community
Small studio with light
     My particulars:
  1. Born in New York in 1949 (67 now)
  2. Lived in California since 1979 (37 years)
  3. Currently single, previously married
  4. One son living in Costa Mesa
  5. Long career in IT and Internet site design, now retired
  6. Pursuing life as an artist, composer and author
  7. Financially stable, with residual income
  8. Clean background, I welcome your checking
  9. Non-smoker
  10. No pet
  11. No drugs or drunkenness
  12. Quiet! I am quiet, and require quiet, between each party!