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July 4, 2001

06/21/01    Joseph J. Ellis Must Go
     Ellis was destroyed by his corrupt premises. He ought to resign now

03/05/99    Jefferson's Glory **Updated 7/4/01
     A vindication of "Created Equal"
     A rebuke of Joseph Ellis

05/23/01    Soon It’s Gonna Rain
     A Dispatch From The California Green Wars

03/16/01    Mr. Greenspan, Go Back To School
     The L.A. Times also flunks right along with him

01/30/01    Wanted: An Army of Phonics Fanatics
     The Los Angeles Times must not marginalize phonics

01/02/01    There It Is Again
     The Family Leave Act should not be extended.

12/31/00    Turandot
     Transfigured by Love

12/24/00    Upon Viewing Little Women on NBC
     Jo and sisters v. A word from our sponsor

11/29/00    Greenspan Paints the Walls Gray
     Productivity Is Not Inflation

09/09/00    Faith Is Not Rational
     Letter to Dennis Prager, conservative talk show host

03/08/00    Fairness in Brains
     Latest education fiascoes in California

04/03/99    You Can Wear a $2000 Suit, But Hands Off My Shopping Cart
     A San Francisco Perspective

03/29/99    Why Columbine?
     A Speculation.

09/02/98    Steve Sax, Useless Cynic
     For the love of the game? Sax has no clue.

06/01/98    A Short Take on Titanic
     Titanic contrasted with The English Patient

05/18/98    Seinfeld Jailed By Altruism Police
     Oh, it's about something, alright!

08/14/97    The Secret Life Of School
     An unfinished musical play about kids vs. fuzzy math

01/31/97    Tosca, Abandoned by God
     Passion for great music does not require God

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